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From Examination to Aftercare

We understand that attending the dentist can be a stressful experience for some people. It’s not always clear as to what to expect and this can be unnerving, especially for a patient with dental phobias. This is why we have created a clear journey so you know exactly what to expect during your visit to Moonlight Dental Surgery.

When you arrive for your examination appointment:

  • You will be asked to provide your contact information so the receptionist can add you to the system. If you are an existing patient, you will be asked if any details need to be updated.

  • You will be asked to complete any relevant forms regarding your treatment type option i.e. NHS or private treatment. If you are exempt from paying for treatment you will need to provide proof of your exemption.

  • You will be given the opportunity to set a patient password on your account, for security reasons. You will also be given the opportunity to set your contact and marketing preferences. You are able to change these at any time, should you wish.

  • You will be asked to complete a medical history, which the dentist will run through with you. If you are an existing patient you will be asked to verify if there have been any changes to your medical history.

  • Finally you will be invited to take a seat while you wait for your dental appointment.

At your examination appointment:

  • Either the dentist or their dental nurse will greet you in the waiting room and take you to the treatment room.

  • The dentist will run through your medical & dental history with you.

  • The dentist will ask you if you are in any pain.

  • The dentist will ask you about your oral hygiene routine.

  • Your dentist will ask about your diet and any contributing factors to your oral health including alcohol consumption & smoking habits.

  • The dentist will ask you if there is anything specific you wish to discuss at your appointment.

  • You will also be asked about dental anxiety or phobias.

  • The dentist will carry out a full dental examination the dentist which includes;
    - An examination of all of your teeth.
    - An examination of your soft tissues (this is your cheeks, gums, lips etc.)
    - An examination of your TMJ (this is the joint that holds your upper and lower jaw together. The dentist will check for any clicking or discomfort.
    - An oral cancer risk assessment.
    - A Basic Periodontal Examination (this determines the health of your gums and bone surrounding the teeth)
    - Radiographs will be taken if clinically justified
    - Cleaning will be provided if the dentist deems necessary

  • Following the full examination the dentist will provide either discharge with advice as to when to return or they will provide you with a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. The dentist will explain all risks and costs involved per option. You will have ample opportunity to ask questions.

  • If you require treatment that cannot be provided at Moonlight Dental Surgery, we will refer you to the relevant clinic. You may be asked for your NHS number to complete your referral.

  • If you are discharged you will be invited to book your next check-up with the receptionist and make any required payment.

  • If you are provided with treatment options, once you have chosen your preferred treatment option, you will be provided with a treatment plan, which includes cost estimate if you are not exempt. You will be asked to read and consider all the content and to sign it if you approve. Your dentist will inform you that you are entitled to make any changes as you wish.

  • In the event that you wish not to proceed with any treatment you will be discharged with advice.

  • If you have opted for treatment your dentist will explain what your next appointment will entail.​

During your treatment appointments:

  • Your treatment may be completed in one appointment or it may require two more, depending on your treatment plan.

  • Your dentist will keep you fully informed, explaining every aspect of what to expect during your appointments.

  • You have the right to make changes to your treatment plan at any stage, should you wish.

  • You will be asked to make payments (if required) at each stage of your treatment. The end of your treatment your payments must be completed and full treatment cost paid.

At the end of your treatment:

  • Your dentist will provide you with all necessary post-treatment care advice.

  • Your dentist will advise when you should return for either a treatment review or your next routine examination.

  • Your dentist will explain that you are welcome to contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

  • You will be asked to make any final payments required, if appropriate.

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