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NHS Dentist

In accordance with the NHS regulations, Moonlight Dental Surgery dentists make sure that patients know about all the benefits they will be enjoying from us.

Our NHS dentists in Slough have the same level of experience as some of the top practitioners in the industry, and carry themselves with the poise and grace befitting their stations. They are patient, informative and can discuss complex dental procedures in a way that even an ordinary person from the street can understand it perfectly.

This combination of qualities is hard to find in any field. Every patient in Poole, Shinfield and Slough can take advantage of the intangible assets our dentists have whenever they set an appointment with us. But, more than the convenient and comfortable service that patients come to expect, Moonlight Dental Surgery also makes the process simpler on the business side of things.

Our dental office offers the full range of NHS treatments, which include bridges and crowns, in addition to our specialised services at the most affordable rates. This allows our dental professionals to cater to a much wider and more diverse market and ensure that their dental health stays on par. Patients do not have many opportunities to set an appointment with NHS dentists outside of Slough, and they should take advantage whenever they get the chance.

To get more information on the different services and deals Moonlight Dental Surgery has to offer, explore the rest of our website. Patients can also go to our contact page to give us a call, or visit our practice directly. Our staff will be more than happy to answer questions and set an appointment.