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Fearing the Dentist No More

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Oral diseases are among the widespread health problems in the UK. The National Health Service noted that tooth decay is present in one amongst every three adults and in more than one in four children. Despite the government’s efforts in addressing the problem, the incidence of dentophobia further aggravates the problem.

Fear of the dentist

Dentophobia is quite common in the UK, with around 12% of people worrying about dentists and dental work. A study by the British Dental Association revealed that 25% of the British population suffers anxiety prior to dental appointments. Most of their fears stem from seeing or feeling needles, drills and blood.

As a result, they add to the number of people with oral health problems. Researchers noted that dentophobes would rather endure the pain of tooth decay and suffer more serious dental problems. In addition, their social life takes a beating as they tend to keep their distance from other people.

Getting Rid of Dentophobia

Oral health experts come up with measures to address dentophobia. Dentists may now offer IV sedation to help patients relax during treatment. For those who fear needles, they use anaesthetic gels before performing local anaesthetic injections. Others use hand pieces that use computer-controlled systems to ensure the safe and smooth flow of the anaesthetic.

Other dentists use environmental adjustment methods to address their patient’s fear. They remove anything in their office that may cause anxiety, such as posters about bad teeth. They even add devices like music and plants to assuage their patients’ fears.

Communication helps patients control their fears, as well. Dentists explain what patients may expect during treatments and try to ease their reservations. They ask and assure their patients from time to time, going as far as stopping or delaying procedures when patients feel uncomfortable.

With most dentists using such methods, there is no need to have dental anxiety anymore. If you experience the same thing, you need a dentist that can treat your oral problems whilst considering your fears. Moonlight Dental Surgery provides painless injections to help you overcome your fear during dental treatments. With our state of the art CompuDent system, you can go through the procedure and enjoy a better smile without pain.

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