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Playing Safe: Dental Care for Athletes

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Athletes need more than just to keep their body in shape. If you frequently play sports, it is also important to mind the fitness of your mouth. Experts note that there are special considerations when it comes to looking after your teeth, on and off the field.

Mouth Protection

An athletic mouthguard that fits your teeth perfectly is necessary if you play contact sports such as football, hockey, cricket, football, boxing and rugby. According to the British Dental Health Foundation, these devices can cushion the teeth and may prevent damage to the jaw, neck, and even the brain. A custom or a professionally made device is the best, as it is made exactly for your mouth.

Stains on Teeth

If you are a competitive swimmer who spends more than six hours a week in the pool, you may notice brownish deposits that may stain your teeth. Experts suggest that this is the reaction between the proteins in saliva and pool chemicals. The best remedy for this problem is to step up your tooth cleaning three to four times a year.

Enamel Erosion

Studies suggest that sports and energy drinks are more likely to cause enamel erosion than soft drinks. If you can’t help sipping sports drinks during every practice or game, rinse your mouth with water. This will help reduce the damage of acid attacks on your teeth. It is better, however, to choose water for hydration. If you need sport drinks for replenishing electrolytes, choose low-sugar options.

A Well-Balanced Diet

A healthy diet is not just good for your body; it can also keep your teeth and gums healthy. Regular brushing will prevent gum disease and cavities, as well as regular visits to the dentist. Be sure to give your mouth the care and good food it needs to avoid any problem that could compromise your performance.

Simple strategies to prevent oral health problems can offer performance gains that require little effort. If you need to consume energy drinks, for instance, use high fluoride toothpaste and mouth rinses. Browse our website today and find out how we can help you maintain healthy teeth and gums.