Subtle ways your dentist can straighten your teeth

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

A dentist has more options than just metal braces to straighten patients’ teeth. At Moonlight Dental Surgery in Slough we offer a wide range of discreet orthodontics products that can straighten your smile both quickly and subtly.

The benefits of teeth straightening treatment

Whilst many discreet orthodontic devices are described as “cosmetic braces”, a dentist will always be quick to point out the additional health benefits gained from straightening your teeth. As well as having a positive impact on your self-esteem and confidence, orthodontic treatment can help reduce stress and wear on your teeth by improving your bite (the way that your jaws meet together).

Straighter teeth are also generally healthier teeth. They are easier to keep clean because there are fewer gaps in which food particles can get trapped and plaque can build up. Therefore, with a good oral health routine at home combined with regular visits to the dentist and hygienist, straightening your teeth can also improve your dental health.

Teeth straightening in Slough 

At our Slough dental practice, we offer a number of different orthodontic products. If you are interested in treatment, you should first come for a consultation with a dentist here at our clinic. They will examine your bite and your teeth, and will then recommend the best course of treatment.

Among the products available at Moonlight Dental Surgery in Slough are:


This series of clear plastic aligners fits over your teeth to gently move them into an improved position. As well as being near invisible to the untrained eye, Invisalign aligners are removable, meaning maintaining good dental hygiene is a breeze during treatment. You will also be able to eat whatever you like.

Inman Aligner

A single-use clear aligner, the Inman Aligner is specifically designed to correct problems with the front teeth, such as protruding or crooked teeth. After treatment, it doubles as a retainer.

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