Three Tongue Diseases You Can Prevent by Scraping and Cleaning

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Imagine this: every morning, you wake up to a tongue filled with dead cells, bacteria and viruses. Without doing your tongue cleaning routine, you are putting yourself at risk of ingesting these. The dread does not end there, though. Grime left on your tongue may also expose you to oral health problems.

Many remain unaware of the benefits of tongue cleansing. The simplest ways to remove food debris and bacteria on the tongue’s surface are brushing and scraping.

The last thing you want is to experience the following oral health problems:

Canker Sores

These small ulcers inside the mouth can reach the underside of the tongue. The causes of canker sores may range from acidic or spicy foods, stress, hormones, vitamin deficiency and mouth injury. Immediate cleansing of the tongue may reduce the possibility of having canker sores.

Tongue Thrush

Tongue thrush comes from Candida, a fungus that is also responsible for vaginal yeast infection. People who use steroids may be at higher risk of developing this oral health problem.

To decrease the risk of developing this fungal disease, proper hygiene is important. Natural remedies may alleviate the symptoms, but it is best to talk to your dentist for immediate treatment of this condition.

Geographic Tongue

While this may not pose as higher risks as the other mentioned tongue problems, this non-symptomatic condition can be embarrassing. A patient with this condition may recognise its symptoms, which include ridges, spots and discolouration.

These lesions migrate from one side of the tongue to the other, forming map-like patches on the surface. It may cause discomfort and increase sensitivity to certain substances. The cracks on the centre of these lesions may serve as a breeding area for bacteria that you may have failed to brush or rinse. These bacteria may take spread to other parts of your mouth.

Make it a habit to clean your tongue and protect yourself from these oral health problems. For more information about proper oral hygiene, schedule a free consultation with us.


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