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  • Wentworth Avenue
  • Slough
  • Berkshire
  • SL2 2DG


  • Wentworth Avenue
  • Slough
  • Berkshire
  • SL2 2DG
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Consultation to aftercare

We try to provide all of our patients with a fully comprehensive treatment so that nothing is missed out and our patients are completely satisfied at the end of the treatment and even post treatment.

We summarize here exactly what all of your treatment will entail.


You may have heard of us through many means, be it social media, Google, this website, our Smart Chat facility (on the bottom right) or through a recommendation by a friend. Whatever means it is you can either call us or book online to make a free, no obligation consultation appointment.


This consultation is for 30 minutes and allows Dr Gill to initially get to know you better. We believe in not just treating the position of the teeth but treating the problems that this cause in your life. This could be not smiling in photographs, not feeling comfortable talking to people both socially or at work, or even putting your hand over your mouth when you laugh out loud. All common problems caused by teeth being in the wrong position.

In fact, you’ll be surprised that quite often the patient does most of the talking in our consultations, because we are genuinely interested in your problem and are constantly listening.

Once we know what the problem is and how it affects you, we would like to know if there is a particular event you have so that the treatment can be completed before, like a wedding, or a major birthday/anniversary or a holiday. We shall off course then aim to complete the treatment before that special occasion.

After a very simple examination of the position of your teeth, Dr Gill will be able to run through all the different systems that we offer and the pros and cons of each one for your particular circumstance. At Slough Braces Centre we have invested in technology to make this process as comfortable as possible for our patients.

We are one of the only dental practices in the Slough area to use the Carestream CS3600 Digital Scanner. The benefits of this for the patients are:

  • No need to have moulds or impressions taken
  • Instead the teeth are digitally scanned in minutes
  • Completely painless
  • See your teeth on a computer screen in 3D
  • Dr Gill can then talk through the movement process
  • Completely innovative
  • Completely complimentary with no obligation

Throughout you will be given a full opportunity to answer questions and we can address any concerns. This will cover treatment length, how often you need to attend, the length of each appointment, will there be any pain and every other point you may have in between!

As we have treated numerous cases we always have before and after photos of patients in a similar situation as yourself so you are able to see what the end result will look like, you will also see a very full testimonial book of all of these happy patients whose life has been turned around.

We can finally go through the investment for each system and go through the various payment options that we offer.

All of this is offered completely complimentary so that you are in a position to make a fully informed decision on how you wish to proceed, without any pressure whatsoever.


Should you wish to proceed, then we would normally require a few things from you before we can go ahead.

Depending upon which system you decide upon we normally require a consent completed along with a deposit depending on which method of payment you decided to proceed with.

Dr Gill would take some appropriate x-rays, some photographs and finally some moulds of your teeth. This is all completely painless and everything is fully explained beforehand

Braces or Aligners Fitted

The following appointment is when your braces or aligners are fitted, it really is that simple! This is usually a slightly longer appointment but will vary with each case and which system is being used


After this we normally require you to be seen by Dr Gill every 4-6 weeks for some adjustments and your teeth will gradually move into the ideal position getting closer to that dream smile.

Braces or Aligners Removed

The whole team are always very excited when a patient comes in to have the braces/aligners removed as they become part of the Moonlight family and we feel that we have travelled this journey together. It is usually a very exciting time!

This appointment is also slightly longer as retainers are placed and the teeth are polished and cleaned to reveal your dream smile!

This is when we get the tears of joy from our patients as it is such an emotional moment! You can see the video testimonials of these moments right here on our website. We are not going to lie, we have seen Dr Gill with some watery eyes every now and then also!


Our service doesn’t stop there. We also offer 6 monthly reviews to make sure that the retainers are in place and the patient is completely happy with the result.

Another reason we like this appointment is because this is where we see how the patient’s life has been transformed with their new smile. They have a new level of confidence and self-esteem. One of the main reasons we enjoy what we do at Moonlight Braces Centre.

Just finished my Invisalign treatment. Found the whole process smooth. The team have been great. Thanks Moonlight

Sebastian - Invisalign - 2nd October 2023

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My family have been visiting Moonlight Dental for years. I wouldn't go anywhere else. My kids feel relaxed and don't dread the dentist which was important to me. The whole team does a great job and I always recommend Moonlight.

Chelsea - NHS Patient - 27th September 2023

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So very happy with my teeth I cried! My confidence has always been low because of my crowded teeth. I can't believe the difference this has made, so glad I did it. Defo recommend.

Stephanie - Angel Aligners - 22nd September 2023

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