"The staff and Dentists are very friendly and welcoming and make you feel at ease if you are nervous about going to the dentist."


As Seen On Google Reviews

So happy I went for Six Month Smiles treatment. Had a very pleasant experience, everything was well explained and I am so happy with the result. It only took 5 months!! Now I can smile all the time! Thank you for an amazing experience!

Olesia (22) – Six Month Smiles

I am very happy! Nice and good service – delighted

Magedalene (27) – Six Month Smiles

I didn't really like to smile or have my picture taken as I wasn't happy with how my teeth looked. Having completed the treatment and seeing my teeth now I couldn't be more happy. Can't wait to show off my teeth, really happy with the results in just six months. Wasn't wary and it didn't bother me as I was just looking forward to the end knowing I would have me teeth looking great. Everyone involved were great, really friendly and made me feel at ease. Great service and I will def recommend this to anyone who would like to get the same.

Liliana (30) – Six Month Smiles

I am so happy Dr ill was able to make my smile so much better within 5 months!. Definitely the quickest and easiest procedure I have ever had! The team was absolutely amazing and so friendly.

Manisha (24) – Six Month Smiles

Treatment was very simple, hardly any effort. Custom trays came quickly so I was able to begin straight away. Very pleased with the results, would recommend to anyone wishing to brighten their smile.

Amanda Bullough (32),  Monday 29th October 2018, Teeth Whitening

Very happy with the results.

Staff were very helpful.

Danny Gill (19), Monday 20th August 2018, Invisalign completion

It is amazing, especially I like the way Dr Gill explained to me which treatment is best for my son, he was happy to answer every question, Very good doctor. Many thanks for his time.

Abdullah Asif Ditta (11), 15th August 2018, Consultation

The big day has finally arrived and I’m going to have my braces removed now. Can’t wait to see my new “teeth”! I was very happy with the whole experience and process, everyone at Moonlight Dental Surgery was always very polite and helpful.

Katarzyna Kotrba (37), 6 Month Smiles, 1st August 2018

Very happy with my new smile. After having a number of orthodontic treatments including the traditional train-track fixed braces, I was never 100% happy with my smile. Dr Gill was very attentive and helped me achieve my new Hollywood teeth and I could not be more thrilled.

Sarah Masood, Invisalign

Overall, my experience has been a positive one. I have noticed a big difference in my teeth and I have noticed a big difference in my smile, which I am happy about. I would recommend to others.

Aneesa Islam (23), Invisalign, 30th April 2018

Options were clearly explained. All my questions were answered. Friendly service, looking forward to starting my treatment.

Amanda Lillington (40), Consultation, 30th April 2018

Throughout the course of the treatment, communication as to the progress of the treatment and what was happening at each stage was very clear and well explained. The process was smooth and without issue, and I'm very pleased with the final product. Well worth the time and money.

Rebecca Mpi (17), 6 Month Smiles, 26th April 2018

Consultation was very helpful, lots of options explained, was able to make an instant decision.

Sonia Sharma (54), Consultation for Six Month Smiles

A fantastic consultation! Felt very comfortable and the atmosphere was professional and warm. It was very clear that they were extremely skilled and knowledgeable. I'm confident that the treatment will be successful.

Faria Khan (41), Consultation for Six Month Smiles

The consultation went very well. I was very pleased with how everything went, everything was explained clearly to me. I'm happy with the length of the treatment and overall with how the treatment is going to proceed. I am excited for it all to start and get my confidence back.

Sanna Ahmad (30), Consultation for Six Month Smiles

Dr Jas was very kind and informative – he went to great care to explain the whole treatment process clearly and fully.

Will be proceeding with treatment

Kainaat Safdar (19), Six Month Smiles

So pleased with my new smile! Jas was a joy – informative, considerate and is a magician!

Liz Anderson (55), Invisalign

I've been really happy with my Invisalign treatment from start to finish, and would definitely recommend Moonlight dental to family and friends!

Simraat Kang (29), Invisalign

Everything was explained well before the treatment started. I had appointments every month for adjustments which was a good chance to discuss any issues etc. Staff have been very friendly and attentive. I'm very happy with the overall treatment and the end result.

Nyla Latif (39), Six Month Smiles

Wow! What a result! The whole experience was straight forward and simple. I had a tooth extracted at the front to make room for my tooth to move. I had a few doubts, but Dr Gill knows what he is doing and I have my perfect smile. All on time, minimal to no discomfort and great service with a smile! I've been recommending six month smiles to everyone! Thank you!

Gurpreet Braich (35), Six Month Smiles

The whole process has been great from the start to the end. Mr Gill and his team are very helpful. I went to a few dentists before my treatment and they informed me that they weren't able to help a lot due to the positioning of my teeth. The Moonlight Surgery were able to help and discussed all my options in detail. I would highly recommend them. Thanks to the whole team. I am very happy with my smile now.

Gurveet Singh (35), Six Month Smiles

Just had my first consultation with Dr Gill regarding 6 month smile and I'm happy to go ahead with the procedure right away. I did some research about the methods of straightening the teeth, so it was only a matter of finding the right surgery, which I am sure I have found at Moonlight Dental Surgery. Everyone is very helpful and friendly here. Can't wait for my final result!

Katarzyna Kotrba (36), Six Month Smiles

Friendly, informative and very accommodating! So far one the best dentists I have visited in terms of customer service.

Kinza Afzal (24), Consultation

Although I was very apprehensive in undertaking thee 6 month smile treatment I undertook some research and found positive reviews and feedback on social media for Dr Gill and for good reason. Dr Gill is very knowledgeable in this field and his staff was very attentive. Would highly recommend using Dr Gill's practice and the 6 month smile treatment.

Mandeep Virdi (32), Six Month Smiles

The treatment has gone really well. I am happy quite happy with the investment I made.

Muhammad Rashid (39), Six Month Smiles

My treatment went well and I am satisfied with the result.

Pardeep Dhillon (40), Invisalign

Consultation was very helpful. I got answered to all my questions and I was treated with care. I was pleased to get all my information and learnt a lot. I will be continuing with my invisalign treatment.

Zaini Zarook (21), Invisalign

I am very pleased with Dr Gill's work over the last year. I have never stuck with or kept/stayed with a dentist in my life but Dr Gill is a keeper!

Gurpreet Prewal, Six Month Smiles Patient

My consultation was very comprehensive and all the details were provided i.e what is wrong and what are the different options.

Muhammad Khan, Invisalign Consultation

Treatment went really well. Happy with the result. Will definitely recommend the similar treatment to friends and family. A big thank you to Dr Gill and all the staff.

Seema Kamnoj, Invisalign Patient

The consultation was very informative, all my questions were answered so at the end when Dr Gill asked if I had any other questions I didn't!

Professional and helpful meeting and I've decided to go ahead with braces at Moonlight! Will recommend to people!

Elizabeth Ilies (33), Six Month Smiles Patient

Problem was misaligned teeth on top and bottom and the main reason of doing treatment was pushed back tooth at the top. Wanted the fastest result possible and hence I chose Six Month Smiles, I always put it off before but wanted it done. Can't believe 6 months went past so fast. The clinic is very professional and informative. Jas has been great definitely money well spent. If you have issues with your teeth that reduce your confidence then don't delay 100% do it today.

Mr Hetain Pithia (38), Six Month Smiles Patient

I had a front protruding crown that needed pushing back, only needed 6 weeks to fix. Very happy with the Invisalign product. Had braces as an adult and needed to shift some teeth that had moved back in position now to stay. Good Investment works well for minor teeth movement.

Miss Laura Edwards (33), Invisalign Patient

I came in to get my overcrowded teeth fixed. I chose to go with the Invisalign as I didn't like the look of braces. I thought the treatment would take longer than it did, but it flew by! The staff at moonlight dentist are very welcoming and polite. For anyone looking to get this treatment done, I advise them to do it, as it is worth the money! It was one of the best investments I've ever made.

Sadia Abdullah (22), Invisalign Patient

Excellent service and extremely happy with the final results. Dr Jas Gill was very kind, informative and supported me throughout my treatment.

Would highly recommend Moonlight Braces Centre and Dr Gill.

Deeba Siddique

The treatment was excellent. Staff at the Moonlight Braces Centre are all great! Thanks.

Hayley Mack

I am very happy with my results. I feel like a new person with my new smile. Thank you so much Dr.Gill for an amazing job.

Veronica Armenia

I've had a great experience with Six Month Smiles. I am very happy with the results. Dr.Gill was always very nice and patient. I was always reassured that I would have excellent results even when I had doubts.

Definitely over the moon with my results. Thank you to the Moonlight Dental Team.


Very happy with end result, I can now smile and show my teeth! Amazing team at Moonlight, always smiling and friendly. Definitely recommended to all friends and family. Thank you so much!

Lee Wilding

Treatment was very quick, easy and pain free! I got great guidance from Dr. Jaswinder Gill. Very happy with the result as well as the overall experience of my treatment. Will be sure to recommend friends and family to Moonlight Braces Centre!

Nayna Sisodiya

It has now been 7 months since I completed the 6 Months Smiles treatment with Dr.Gill. I'm really happy and pleased with the result. I'm a lot more confident with my smile and less self-conscious when looking back at photos.

I was also able to spread the cost of the treatment over 1 year which made the treatment more affordable. Thanks again Moonlight Team.

Hardip Gill, Six Month Smiles

Thank you for making my teeth look so lovely. I am looking forward to getting them whitened too. The process was so simple and the team are lovely. I would recommend!

Stephanie Prestidge

It was really quick, pain free and simple to have done. Highly recommend it to anyone considering it. Very happy with the results.

Thank you.

Mayuri Sivagurunathan

I was massively conscious about having crooked teeth, now I can smile confidently and feel happier. Excellent team, who try to meet all your needs.

Thank you!

Shamaila Khan

I had suffered with ugly crossed teeth for years. I decided to investigate 6 month braces. The surgery was very informative and I was made feel very at ease. The results were amazing and after only 4 ½ months. I now have lovely straight teeth and my confidence back. No longer scared to smile.

Thank you!

Jennifer Murray - Six Month Smiles

Huge thank you to all the team at Moonlight, especially Jas and Katie who made the whole process as painless as possible. My smile has gone from something I tried to hide to something I want to show off!

Couldn't recommend the team more!

Fleur Rellet-Manus, Six Month Smiles

I came to Dr.Gill in July 2016 to correct my smile and my big space. Dr.Gill did move them to what I expected. My whole treatment went really smooth and painless. I highly recommend Dr.Gill for everyone not happy with their Smiles and gaps. So thank you very much Dr.Gill for being there. To be honest I wish I came ages ago. The nurses were lovely and helpful so thank you again to everyone.

Siham Auod, Six Month Smiles

A huge thank you for making my lower teeth look lovely after having 6 months braces. Having reached half a century I finally have teeth that I should have had done years ago.

Will recommend to friends and family.

Debbie Everall, Six Month Smiles

The overcrowding on my top big tooth was starting to make me feel conscious when having my photo taken. (I love having pics taken) Just now my braces have been removed and to say that I am happy is an understatement. Moonlight Braces of Slough you are all so lovely. I was so nervous at first, now I shall miss my relaxing time in the chair! Thank you Moonlight xx Happy J

Lisa Randall (50) – Six Month Smiles

Very quick, reliable, professional service from Dr Jaswinder Gill. I am 100% happy with the result and would recommend the treatment & dentist to anyone unhappy with their smile. A job well done. Thanks to everyone at Moonlight!

Annie (47) – Ceramic braces

I was really worried about having braces on and being at school. It was so much better than I thought it was going to be. I liked how they looked and they didn't hurt me at all. I am really happy with the way my teeth look now. I have told all my friends about it. People who don't like their smiles should go to Moonlight Braces.

Shairi (14) – Children's Braces

I opted for Invisalign is a liked the idea of clear retainers rather than fixed braces. The treatment was very simple and painless. Dr Gill was very informative and supportive at all times. I was impressed by how little people noticed when I was wearing the retainers. I am so happy with the results I can’t stop smiling!

Dipa (47) – Invisalign

I decided to get Invisalign as one of my front teeth was longer than the one next to it. I had no idea how easy and comfortable it was going to be. No one realised when I had the retainer in. The team at Moonlight took great care of me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. The whole treatment was so much better than I imagined, I wish I had done this a long time ago.

Joseph (45) – Invisalign

The whole procedure was explained very clearly and delivered. Everything was done on time and staff are extremely polite.

Naghman (28) - Six Month Smiles

Very happy with the treatment. Finished in time for my plans. Friendly staff

Maimoona (23) – Six Month Smiles

My treatment has been successful. Dr Gill was very professional and advises you or what he thinks is best. I would recommend his service to anyone. 10/10

Olijade (22) – Six Month Smiles

Thank you Dr Gill for giving my dad his smile back. For a long time my dad was too embarrassed to smile. He is a man of few words and shy so this feeling of embarrassment made it difficult for him to even smile. Within 4 months of treatment Dr Jas’s 6 month smile programme, his teeth were perfect and he could smile with affordability. He now wears retainers and the most important thing is he can smile.

Thank you Dr Jas for giving him back his confidence and I will not hesitate to recommend any family, friend or colleague for your dental services.

Randeep – Six Month Smiles (family member)

Six month smile has offered a happy smile for me. Before I was conscious of my smile due to gaps. Team have been good and make you comfortable through the process and feel happy with the treatment.

Yashodha (46) – Six Month Smiles

MOONLIGHT BRACES CENTRE! Great people! SUPERB DOCTOR GILL and assistants and ladies on reception desk. My teeth look excellent, absolutely fantastic after treatment! They’re straight and I look and feel like a new person. Received thousands of positive comments about how nice my teeth look.

Recommended the practice for friends, they are as happy with treatment as much as me! All the best for everyone.

Sylwia (35) – Six Month Smiles

I am very happy with the six month smiles treatment. Dr Gill was amazing and all the staff were polite. Thank you!!

Katarzyna (36)– Six Month Smiles

Thanks to Dr Gill I have an amazing smile, which I never have. I had two front teeth twisted which stopped me from smiling and I refused to smile in any pictures. I was always the grumpy one…… 6months as promised, not a day extra! Painless, smooth and very friendly staff. Thank you for everything….I will definitely recommend you.

Kristina (29) – Six Month Smiles

My teeth were getting crossed over at the front which was making me worried about smiling. It has taken less than 6 months for my teeth to straighten. Having had years of wanting the perfect smile, I can’t believe I have achieved it in such a short space of time. The whole process was fine coming in and seeing better and better results each time. I would recommend this to anyone who feels uncomfortable with their smile. Thank you so much

Tracey (50) – Six Month Smiles

I am so, so happy with my results for six month smile. My teeth are perfect now, thanks to the rapid and greatly effective treatment. Since the age of 10, I never thought I would regain confidence in my smile….. and now I feel beautiful. I cant thank you enough and I certainly cant stop smiling now!

Hannah (19) – Six Month Smiles

I am overwhelmed with the service and treatment! I am looking forward to my whitening treatment. Thank you Dr Gill and the team for making it so easy!

Henna (40) – Six Month Smiles

I am very pleased with the results. The overall experience was very good and happy with the results. Process was very smooth and the staff is very supportive.

Thanks to Dr Gill and his staff for all the support they provided during the process

Syed (40) – Six Month Smiles

I am very happy with how the treatment went and found Dr Gill to be very helpful in addressing what I wanted and this is shown in the results. I would recommend Six Month Smiles for anyone who wants to fix their smile.

Aneesa (23) – Six Month Smiles

I'm the happiest person in the world! Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to smile and be proud of my teeth. I enjoyed every consultation and everyone is so friendly and helpful. Thank you!!

Christina (38) – Six Month Smiles

I am so pleased with the ‘Six Month Smiles’ treatment. It has completely changed my appearance and confidence to smile. It took less than six months to correct. My teeth moved quickly. Every appointment was explained to me clearly and all the staff were polite and very encouraging about the treatment and the results I would get. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family. It is worth every penny.

Carly (31) – Six Month Smiles

Before starting treatment I never let people see my teeth. I would cover my mouth with my hand when laughing, smiling and talking. I hated everything about my teeth. My new smile will change my life – no more self-conscious actions around my smile – the world can see me smile, laugh and talk!! The experience was very straightforward and a lot less painful than I expected. The staff were amazing and I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is thinking of doing this to go for it! Thank you so much!

Rachel (36) – Six Month Smiles

I had braces put on by Dr.Gill and he was absolutely brilliant! I used to be so embarrassed to smile but now, Dr.Gill has made my confidence boost with my new smile.

A. G

Made me feel at ease and I was informed of all my options of treatment which I did not know was available. Fantastic service with a smile!!

R. D

Fantastic Dentist. Dr.Gill is a fantastic dentist who really cares. He has a fantastic team I have no hesitation in recommending the clinic.

D. S

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