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  • Wentworth Avenue
  • Slough
  • Berkshire
  • SL2 2DG
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Clear Braces in Slough, what do I need to know?

30th September 2016

The Slough Braces Centre can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. We are passionate about patient care, and have become a popular choice for patients seeking clear braces in slough.

What kinds of braces are there?

Traditional wire braces are common in both teenagers and adults, and are the most common form of braces. They work, like all braces,by using gentle pressure to realign the teeth into a more straight position alongside the other teeth in the mouth. An adjustable wire is placed inside the mouth and then this is attached to brackets. Brackets are attached to the front of each tooth and connected to the wire in a way that exerts the correct pressure to move the teeth. These brackets can be metal, clear or tooth-coloured. However these are not what you would neessarily call clear braces. Slough-based patients can choose from a range of other orthodontic treatments which are much more discreet.

What kind of clear braces are available?

At the Slough Braces Centre we use the Six Months Smiles system to realign your teeth with clear braces in Slough. There are two major benefits to using the Six Months Smile clear braces system.

The first major advantage that Six Month Smiles treatments have over traditional braces treatments, is that with the Six Month Smiles treatment you typically can have much faster treatment times, with most cases (hence the name) being completed within an average time of 6 months! You can chat with Dr Gill about the available treatments to find out more about what kind of treatment times may be possible for you.

The second major advantage of the Six Month Smiles treatment is that the Six Month Smiles braces are amongst the most discreet wire braces available today. What makes them so unique? Six Month Smiles has taken the very best aspects of the dental brace technology available, and used it to create Lucid-Lok tooth-coloured brackets and a discreet clear coloured wire, resulting in one of the most discreet and efficient clear wire braces for patients. To find out more about clear braces in slough, contact the practice or pop in to chat with us.

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