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  • Wentworth Avenue
  • Slough
  • Berkshire
  • SL2 2DG
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Cosmetic braces: a guide to fast, subtle teeth straightening

15th July 2016

Did you know that braces no longer need to be made from metal? At Slough Braces Centre we offer treatment with Six Month Smiles – a cosmetic brace system designed for rapid, discreet correction of issues that affect the front teeth, those that show when you smile.

The majority of adult patients who come to our Slough dental centre looking for teeth straightening treatment are primarily concerned about the teeth in the smile line. These are often referred to as the “social six” teeth. Cosmetic braces such as Six Month Smiles are specially designed to fix mild to moderate alignment issues with these teeth, creating a beautiful smile makeover in just half a year.

Braces remain the best option, in many cases, for straightening teeth, because they afford your dentist or orthodontist maximum control over each tooth’s movement, and produce very predictable and pleasing results.

At our Slough dental centre we understand the obvious problem standard metal braces pose many adult patients – the fact that they are so, well, obvious can prove such a significant barrier to treatment that many people decide to live with their crooked or crowded teeth instead.

Here at Slough Braces Centre we think this is unfortunate. Teeth straightening doesn’t just improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile, it also makes your teeth easier to keep clean by reducing hard-to-clean areas where plaque can build up. So long as you visit both your hygienist and dentist regularly, this will cut your risk of gum disease and tooth decay, with their unpleasant symptoms such as bleeding gums and bad breath.

Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces are not metal, and not obvious. Instead, they take the practices and principles of orthodontics and adapt them for appliances fit for the 21st Century. They comprise clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires, and thus blend in well with the natural colour of your teeth for maximum discretion.

As the name indicates, the average treatment time with Six Month Smiles braces is just half a year. Mild cases at our Slough clinic may complete in just half that time; most cases are complete within nine months.

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