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  • Wentworth Avenue
  • Slough
  • Berkshire
  • SL2 2DG
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Get Straighter Teeth with Short-Term Orthodontics

19th January 2015

Many of us tend to think that orthodontics is a treatment mainly reserved for children and teenagers, but things are changing. Nowadays you are just as likely to hear of adults wearing braces, sometimes at the same time as their children. While you might hear about people you know undergoing orthodontic treatment, you probably won’t have noticed them actually wearing braces as modern orthodontics is often invisible.

Enjoy the Precision of Fixed Braces with the Convenience of Nearly Invisible Orthodontics

Six Month Smiles braces in Slough are no exception, as this system combines the precision of fixed braces with the convenience and discretion of nearly invisible orthodontics. This brace uses clear coloured brackets that are fixed onto the teeth for the duration of treatment, and teeth are gently moved with very thin, tooth coloured wires. Orthodontic treatment can have a reputation for being uncomfortable, but Six Month Smiles uses the very latest technologies so only low forces move the teeth. This helps ensure treatment is as comfortable as possible, while still being fast and effective.

Faster Treatment Times

It is worth talking about the speed of treatment, as patients using Six Month Smiles will complete treatment within just six months. This is significantly faster than other orthodontic systems and is reflected in the price, so treatment is more affordable in comparison to other nearly invisible orthodontics. Six Month Smiles in Slough could be worth looking into if you have previously investigated other nearly invisible braces, but have been put off pursuing things further because of the price. You could be able to have a healthy and more attractive smile for less than you thought possible.

Braces That Work Continuously to Move Teeth

Treatment is minimally invasive, and the beauty of fixed braces is that they are working to move teeth every single minute of the day. There is no need to worry about forgetting to wear them, and unlike removable aligners you cannot misplace them. Another good thing about wearing fixed braces is that the use of brackets enables our dentist, Dr Jaswinder Gill to move teeth into exactly the right places. This degree of precision cannot be easily achieved with removable aligners.

Excellent for Treating Cosmetic Cases

Six Month Smiles is excellent for treating cosmetic cases of tooth misalignment, and where it is not necessary to carry out any major adjustments to the way teeth bite together. This applies to the vast majority of adults who wish to straighten their teeth, and the results can be really amazing.

If you are thinking of having orthodontic treatment, and are interested in affordable and fast treatment, it is worth contacting Moonlight Dental Surgery to make an appointment for your free consultation. An assessment of your teeth, that may include photos and dental x-rays, will enable Dr Gill to decide if this brace is right for you and to formulate a suitable treatment plan. It is also a great opportunity for you to find out more about treatment, and to take a look at the surgery’s smile gallery showing actual patient photos taken before and after Six Month Smiles in Slough.

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