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  • Wentworth Avenue
  • Slough
  • Berkshire
  • SL2 2DG
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Our January 2023 Newsletter….

31st January 2023

Hello There! We’re pleased to share our January newsletter. We hope you are all keeping well. In this months newsletter, we share some details on flossing (your teeth, not the dance!). We also share some information about our fantastic solution to a brighter, whiter, smile. Additionally we’ve also included our usual updates, question of the month and team news!. Flossing isn’t just a dance….
Why should I use dental floss? You’re advised to use interdental brushes in addition to brushing as part of your daily oral health routine from the age of 12.Some people may not have large enough spaces in between their teeth to use an interdental brush, so flossing can be a useful alternative.Your dental team can show you how best to clean between your teeth.
How to use dental floss Dental floss is a thin, soft thread. If you find floss hard to use, you can try dental tape, which is thicker.Do not be too aggressive with the floss: you risk harming your gums.The main action of flossing is a firm but gentle scraping of the tooth from the top down.Your dental team can advise you about using dental floss.
Flossing tips Break off about 45cm of floss and wind some around 1 finger of each hand.Hold the floss tightly between your thumbs and forefingers, with about 2.5cm of floss between them, leaving no slack.Use a gentle “rocking” motion to guide the floss between your teeth. Do not snap the floss into the gums.When the floss reaches your gumline, curve it into a C-shape against a tooth until you feel resistance.Hold the floss against the tooth. Gently scrape the side of the tooth, moving the floss away from the gum. Repeat on the other side of the gap, along the side of the next tooth.Do not forget the back of your last tooth.When flossing, keep to a regular pattern. Start at the top and work from left to right, then move to the bottom and again work from the left to right. This way you’re less likely to miss any teeth.
What if my gums bleed? When you first start flossing, your gums may be tender and bleed a little. Carry on flossing your teeth as directed by your dental team and the bleeding should stop as your gums become healthier.If you’re still getting regular bleeding after a few days, see your dental team. They can check if you’re flossing correctly.
What if I find flossing difficult? If you find flossing difficult, your dental team can give you advice about other ways of cleaning between your teeth.

Visit our website for more preventative tips 
Team Update….Happy Birthday Gemma!

We are wishing Gemma, our practice manager, the happiest of birthdays! Feel free to follow us on social media for more team news.We Are Listening….We want you to know that we take any kind of feedback seriously here at Moonlight Dental Surgery. Each month we take a look at all our patient reviews and feedback, we analyse the results and determine any outstanding trends or concerns that need attention.

In the past month we have continued to receive similar feedback about lack of appointment availability. We are pleased to confirmed that we now have a new dentist, Dr Ul-Rehman, who joined us early January! He is proving very popular and we hope you get to meet him soon. Question of The Month….Each month we publish a question that one of our patients has asked. 
This month’s question was:Q: When do you think you will be offering more appointments?A: With the start of our new dentist Dr Ul-Rehman earlier this month, we now have more availability. Although there is still a longer waiting time than pre-covid, this delay has shortened. Social Media Check-Up….Feel free to follow us for more updates….Do you dream of a brighter, whiter smile?….Teeth-whitening can make a huge difference to your smile and your confidence and can be used to treat varying degrees of discoloration.One of the world’s most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments, teeth-whitening is an opportunity for patients to start afresh when it comes to the aesthetics of their smile.Enlighten’s Evolution™ at Moonlight Dental Surgery

Here at Moonlight Dental Surgery, we use a market leader in teeth-whitening technology, Enlighten’s Evolution™, which is considered the world’s best whitening system. Enlighten’s Evolution™ has long lasting results and is a great option with people who have sensitive teeth.Your dentist at Moonlight Dental Surgery will take impressions of your teeth, so that custom whitening trays can be created.

The whitening peroxide agent that’s responsible for whitening the teeth will be applied via these whitening trays, once we receive them back from Enlighten’s Evolution™. The fact that the whitening trays are made to measure is very important for safety: one-size-fits-all trays used by non-medical professionals put patients at risk of irrevocable damage to their gums, as the whitening agent can leak over. Remember to always approach a dentist for this treatment.

You can then start treatment at home and return to the practice for a 20-minute in-surgery whitening, performed by your dentist.

How will teeth-whitening treatment benefit you? Feel great about your smile.Restore your confidence.Custom treatment that centres around your tooth dimensions.Minimally invasive treatment.Enlighten’s Evolution™ has a 99% success rate.
If you are interested in our fantastic, smile making solutions email us at [email protected], visit our website or call 01753 526301 for more information or alternatively click the button below to book your consultation….Book ConsultationIN CLOSINGThe strength of our clinic grows from the recommendations of our patents. We are currently in a position to accept new patients and find that the very best way to get more patients like you is by personal referral.  We are very grateful if you choose to spread the word about Moonlight Dental Surgery’s professional and caring service. You can keep up with us online and leave reviews here:
 We will be in touch again in a month or so with our next newsletter. In the meantime, stay safe and keep smiling! Kindest regards,All at Moonlight Dental Surgery Moonlight Dental SurgeryWentworth Avenue, Slough, Berkshire SL2 2DG
01753 526301
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