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  • Wentworth Avenue
  • Slough
  • Berkshire
  • SL2 2DG
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Our July Newsletter Is Here….

13th July 2021

Hello and welcome to our July 2021 newsletter. We hope you are all keeping well! Here’s hoping we are due some additional relaxing of restrictions shortly. This month we important information about alcohol and how it affects oral health. We also share about the services we provide for those wanting a whiter smile. Additionally we’ve also included our usual updates, question of the month and team news!.
Alcohol & Oral Health….
Drinking alcohol affects your teeth and gums….
Alcoholic drinks such as white wine, beer and cider can be very acidic. This will cause erosion of the enamel on your teeth, possibly leading to pain and sensitivity. Spirits such as vodka and whiskey are very high in alcohol and will give you dry mouth. Many mixers and alcopops are high in sugar. This can cause dental decay.
How does this happen?
When you eat or drink anything acidic, your teeth come under an ‘acid attack’ for up to one hour. During this time, your enamel is weakened and your saliva is working to return the mouth to a neutral pH level. Because drugs reduce the amount of saliva you produce, this process will take much longer than usual and your teeth could be under attack for long periods of time.
When you eat or drink anything that contains sugar, it reacts with the plaque in your mouth and produces plaque acids. It is these acids that attack our teeth and cause dental decay.
How can you help prevent the problems caused by alcohol….
A good oral hygiene routine at home can partly help to reduce the damage caused by taking drugs and drinking alcohol. However, reducing or stopping these bad habits would be the best long-term solution for your overall health and the health of your teeth and gums.
How you can look after your oral health….
You should brush your teeth last thing at night and at least one other time during the day, using a fluoride toothpaste that contains between 1350-1500 ppm (parts per million) fluoride. You should not brush your teeth for one hour after you have eaten or drank anything. If you brush your teeth before this time, you might brush away small particles of softened enamel, which can lead to dental erosion. Cleaning in-between your teeth with interdental brushes, tape or floss will help to prevent any plaque or debris from building-up and reduce the risk of decay and gum disease.
If you want to use a mouthwash, this can be very useful. However, do not use the mouthwash within one hour of brushing your teeth. This will wash away the fluoride from the toothpaste and leave your teeth at risk of tooth decay. Mouthwash should not replace regular tooth brushing. To help reduce tooth decay, cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks. If your dentist believes that you are at a high risk of dental decay, due to either drugs, alcohol or a sugary diet, he may prescribe a high-fluoride toothpaste for you to use to help to protect the teeth.
Vomiting affects your oral health….
The acid in the vomit will cause the enamel to weaken. It is important that you do not brush your teeth straight after vomiting. You can either use a fluoride mouthwash, chew sugar-free, or have a drink of water to help to neutralise this acid.

This information was provided by the Oral Health Foundation. If you would like to know more about oral health and treatments available please visit our site.

Welcome Emily!….
We are happy to announce our Moonlight Family has grown again! We want you to join us in welcoming Emily, our New Patient Co-ordinator.
Feel free to follow us on social media for more team news.
Question of The Month….
Each month we publish a question that one of our patients has asked.
This month’s question was:

Q: What is going to change at the practice when restrictions ease?

A: At present we will be keeping things pretty much the same. Until we are completely confident that all measures are no longer required.

Social Media Check-Up….
Feel free to follow us for more updates….
Want Whiter Teeth?….

Here at Moonlight Dental Surgery, we pride ourselves on changing lives, one smile at a time!

With our tooth whitening solutions, we are able to help patients looking to enhance their smile, and in some cases, even their confidence which can improve their general day to day life.

These results were achieved in just two visits!

How will teeth-whitening treatment benefit you?

  • Feel great about your smile.
  • Restore your confidence.
  • Custom treatment that centres around your tooth dimensions.
  • Minimally invasive treatment.
If you are interested in our fantastic, smile making solutions email us at [email protected], visit our website or call 01753 526301 for more information or to book a consultation.
The strength of our clinic grows from the recommendations of our patents. We are currently in a position to accept new patients and find that the very best way to get more patients like you is by personal referral.  We are very grateful if you choose to spread the word about Moonlight Dental Surgery’s professional and caring service. You can keep up with us online and leave reviews here:
We will be in touch again in a month or so with our next newsletter. In the meantime, stay safe and keep smiling!

Kindest regards,

All at Moonlight Dental Surgery


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