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  • Wentworth Avenue
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  • Berkshire
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Six Month Smiles – Blog

19th December 2014

I am the practice manager of Moonlight Dental Surgery. Over the years I have watched Dr Gill changing the confidence and lives of so many patients through Six Month Smiles. I was so overwhelmed by the change in confidence of patients having this treatment that I decided it was time to approach Dr Gill in the hope he could help me gain the same results. Given that I have worked closely with Dr Gill for nearly 10 years, I knew I could trust him 110% with the task of helping me gain a smile that I can be happy with; especially given that he is one of only four clinical instructors for Six Month Smiles in the UK.

First appointment 20/11/14 – Today I had my initial consultation with Dr Gill. Even though I’ve known Dr. Gill nearly for a decade I still have a slight fear of the dentist. Dr Gill made me feel very comfortable with his gentle caring approach. He was very patient with me whilst I explained all about the issues I have with my smile. Though I was self-conscious, Dr Gill assured me he’s seen it all before and there was nothing to worry about. Although I know this treatment very well, he explained how the treatment would work for me in great detail, allowing me time to ask any questions I had for him. Dr Gill gave me genuine confidence in the belief that I could have the smile I’ve always dreamed of, which was really reassuring.

I knew I wanted this treatment, yes I was anxious at the thought of having braces on for 6 months, I know they are invisible but there is still an element of noticeability that I have been nervous about. However, when I think about the many many years that I have been conscious of my smile I can definitely justify six months of this, if at the end I have full confidence with my smile.

I had always put this treatment off as I always felt I couldn’t justify spending money on a luxury item such as this, but I am tired of tensing up when a camera points my way! I want to be able to smile with confidence and Six Month Smiles is the best option I’ve come across to give me these results with a very limited treatment time.

I decided to opt for monthly instalments as I felt that would be more manageable. The way I see it is, if I go without a few luxuries for the next few months at the end of this I will have a smile to be proud of for the rest of my life…. Well worth it in my opinion!

Dr Gill gave me the option to go away and think about it but, to be honest; I couldn’t wait to get started so I asked if I could begin right away. Dr Gill explained that in order to get the treatment started I would need to have some photographs taken and some impressions too.

To have my photographs taken I just had to sit patiently for literally a few minutes whilst Dr Gill, with his nurse’s assistance, took various photos of my teeth and smile. Then for the impressions it was just another couple of minutes whilst a mould was taken of both my upper and lower teeth, this was perfectly comfortable and Dr Gill & his nurse were constantly checking that I was ok.

That’s it! After just 20 – 30 minutes I am now all set and beyond excited to have a smile I can be proud of in just 6 months or less. ”

Braces on…..

So today I had my braces on. I was really nervous but had no reason to be! Dr Gill was so gentle and I felt no pain. I had to keep my mouth open for about an hour or so but both Dr Gill & his nurse regularly checked if I was ok and asked if I needed to take a break.

During the braces on procedure Dr Gill had to polish my teeth to make the surfaces smooth in order to glue on the brackets. He then glued the brackets on using specially made trays and a light to cure the solution. Once the brackets were secure Dr Gill then had to do something called ‘IPR’ which stands for inter-proximal reduction, this is where he has to file between my teeth to create a little room for my teeth to move. I was most nervous about this as I was worried that it would hurt and also that it would leave noticeable gaps between my teeth. I am pleased to say I had nothing to worry about as Dr Gill was so gentle I didn’t feel any pain and there is no difference to look at my teeth as the process is so subtle. After this I had the wire put in place and secured.

One thing I was especially pleased about was that people didn’t even realise I have the braces on! I actually found myself pointing it out to my friends and family as they hadn’t noticed them. This was great as I was concerned about how obvious the braces would be.

When I got home I used the clear wax provided by Dr Gill to cover the brackets to prevent rubbing on my lips and this worked perfectly.

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