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  • Wentworth Avenue
  • Slough
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  • Wentworth Avenue
  • Slough
  • Berkshire
  • SL2 2DG
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Six Month Smiles “braces on” appointment with Dr Gill

17th February 2015

So I returned to Dr Gill at Moonlight Dental Surgery in Slough to progress onto the next stage of my journey to achieving my “perfect smile”.

In the consultation, Dr Gill explained what was going to happen during the appointment. He gave me plenty of opportunities to ask questions and I found this assuring.

When I was ready to get started Dr Gill explained that he would be using a comfortable soft shield to help keep my mouth open, this was put in place and was really quite comfortable.

The first stage was to polish my teeth to enable the brackets to bond effectively to the teeth.
After this I then needed to have a gel put on my teeth ready for the bond to go on. Once the bond was in place the brackets were placed onto my teeth and set in place. A light was then used to cure the bond and secure the brackets.

Once the brackets were in place Dr Gill used a metal strip to file between my teeth, making an unnoticeably small space for the teeth to have room to move.
After this stage a wire was then put in place and little clear rubber bands were used over the brackets to keep the wire in place.

At every stage during the process Dr Gill would explain exactly what was happening and what to expect.

The whole process took no more than an hour or so and throughout that time I felt completely comfortable. Dr Gill and his nurse were constantly asking me if I was ok. I did not feel any pain, only sensation was when the wire was being secured in place. I was really pleased with how smooth and fast it all went.

At the end of my appointment Dr Gill took some photos to bench mark the start of the treatment, this didn’t take more than a few minutes. I was then given a leaflet explaining what to expect with my braces and a few guidelines regarding what to eat as well as how to look after them.

The braces feel so much better than I had originally thought they might, I thought I would be talking really funny and that they would be really noticeable. However, it’s been quite the opposite! Few people have even realised I’ve had my braces on this morning and haven’t noticed anything.

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