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  • Wentworth Avenue
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  • SL2 2DG
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The Oral Feedback Loop

8th September 2015

Our bodies have evolved to a point that they are able to adjust to environmental stimuli automatically, which has both positive and negative effects on our health. One such mechanism is known as a feedback loop; this is when the body shifts its internal systems in response to external stimuli. Several bodily functions can do this including temperature control, metabolism and even oral health.

What is the Feedback Loop?

The best way to explain the feedback loop is by looking at how the body reacts to temperature. Mammals maintain a constant internal temperature to stay alive and which the body needs to adjust according to the input of the environment.

If the external temperature drops, the body heats up by shivering; if it gets hot, the body cools down by sweating. The feedback loop has its drawbacks, however; a succession of rapid changes can cause the entire system to fail, resulting in an illness.

The mouth has its own feedback loops, but because of the isolation of the change it is difficult for people to notice any of them. The mouth is one of the most exposed parts of the body; every time people eat, yawn, or talk, their mouths interact with the outside environment.

How to Deal with Oral Feedback

There is so much activity going on in the mouth that it is much easier to feel the negative effects from the feedback loop in this area of the body than anywhere else. Gums get swollen, tonsils become inflamed, so on and so forth. Dealing with the negative effects of the feedback loop can be a chore, especially if they happen one after another.

Fortunately, unlike internal systems, patients can help minimise the negative effects of the feedback loop in their mouths through proper dental habits. Feedback loops depends on external stimuli, so providing the mouth with positive impetus would improve its health.

We can help you keep the feedback loops in your mouth in check. Contact us today to set an appointment, and we will explain the measures you need to take to better care for your oral health.

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