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  • Wentworth Avenue
  • Slough
  • Berkshire
  • SL2 2DG
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The Inman Aligner™ is a short-term orthodontic appliance that’s removable and designed to tackle crowded and protruded teeth in as little as 6-18 weeks.

Despite being a fast-acting solution, the Inman Aligner™ gently guides your teeth into a desired, healthy position using low force and appeals to patients who have flexibility during the treatment period, with the aligner being removable.

What is the Inman Aligner™?

The Inman Aligner™ is a single aligner that carefully moves your teeth, using two aligner bows that work against each other, pushing and pulling to move the teeth. The aligner deals with issues concerning your top and bottom front teeth.

What can you expect from treatment?

After an initial consultation, we will take digital scans and digital images of your teeth to create your custom aligner. You will need to attend two appointments to have your aligner created and fitted and visit the practice every 2-3 weeks, so we can monitor progress. You will need to wear the aligner for 16-20 hours each day.

What are the benefits of treatment with the Inman Aligner™?

  • As they’re removable, you have the flexibility to brush, floss and eat as normal.
  • The fine metal bar incorporated into their design is subtle, blending in with your smile.
  • Fast-acting results.
  • Feel confident about your “social six” teeth, AKA, those most visible when your smile.

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