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  • Wentworth Avenue
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What are the Advantages of Choosing Fixed Braces?

26th January 2015

In the past fixed braces had a bit of a reputation for being highly visible ‘train tracks,’ consisting of metal brackets and wires. However all that has changed, and nowadays it is possible to enjoy the benefits of fixed braces without the disadvantages traditionally associated with these systems.

What are Fixed Braces?

Fixed braces are permanently fixed onto the teeth for the duration of treatment. They consist of brackets that are bonded onto the teeth, and which have wires attached to move the teeth into positions that will have been predicted before treatment began. Six Month Smiles in Slough are a good example of modern fixed braces. As the name suggests, they straighten teeth in just six months which compares very favourably with conventional braces that often take upwards of a year.

What are the Benefits of Choosing Fixed Braces?

The main benefits of choosing a fixed brace system is that treatment is guaranteed to work. Removable braces sound very good in theory, they are heavily reliant on patient compliance, and the trouble is that some people may be tempted to leave them out for longer than recommended, or they may forget or lose their aligners. When this happens, it can disrupt the predicted treatment plan, and will at the very least extend the overall length of treatment. Removable aligners can be a bit of a nightmare for anyone who is particularly forgetful, as they are easy to lose and you may have to pay for replacements.

In comparison, treatment with fixed braces is far more straightforward as there is no need to worry about swapping over aligners, and no need to try to remember the date you began wearing them. Instead, all you need to do is to call in at the Moonlight Dental Surgery every 4 to 6 weeks just to make sure treatment is proceeding correctly, and so Dr Jaswinder Gill can make any necessary adjustments to the brace.

You’ll also find today’s modern braces are extremely discreet, as Six Months Smiles braces consist of clear brackets and tooth coloured wires. The brackets have been specially designed, as the use of patented Lucid Lok clear brackets enables the teeth to be moved using low forces and without the need for elastics. Treatment times can be shorter; all types of fixed braces enable more precise tooth movements as the brackets are exactly positioned to correctly move teeth. It’s not always so easy to achieve this level of precision with removable aligners.

Who Can Have Six Month Smiles Braces?

This adult braces system is suitable for many people as well as older teenagers. It is able to correct a number of common orthodontic problems, and treatment is comfortable and safe. Treatment utilises the very latest technologies and techniques to move your teeth at a rate that is much faster than with conventional orthodontics, focusing on the teeth that are visible when smiling. You will need a full consultation that includes a comprehensive examination of your teeth and the way they bite together to see if this treatment could be helpful. Dr Gill is highly experienced in supplying and fitting Six Month Smiles as he is a clinical instructor for the company. He’ll only recommend this treatment if it’s exactly right for you.

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