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  • Wentworth Avenue
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What is a Retainer and Why is it Important?

9th February 2015

Why Wear a Retainer?

A retainer is not considered to be an orthodontic appliance, as it does not move teeth, but it is an important part of treatment. Just about everyone who has worn a brace will need to wear a retainer. If you fail to wear one as directed by Dr Jaswinder Gill, then there is the strong possibility your teeth will move position once your braces are removed. You should only consider using braces such as Six Month Smiles in Slough, if you are prepared to wear retainers to hold the new positions of your teeth at the end of orthodontic treatment.

Once your braces are removed, then teeth do have a tendency to try to move back towards their original positions, something that is called an orthodontic relapse. In addition, teeth can move naturally with age, and may become more overcrowded or will begin to cross over. Wearing retainers for the longer term can help reduce these effects, and helps ensure you can enjoy the results of your orthodontic work for much longer or for life.There are different types of retainers that can be used, and which are fitted once your braces are finally removed.

Which Type of Retainer is best?

You might want to opt for a clear plastic removable retainer that is virtually invisible, and which may only need to be worn at night, or if you are prone to forgetting things it might be better to choose a retainer that will be permanently bonded onto the back surfaces of your teeth. You will need to take a bit more care cleaning around it, but it will be permanently in place, preventing your teeth from moving position. A permanent retainer cannot be seen as it is extremely discreet. There is a third type of retainer that consists of thin metal wires that fit over the front surfaces of the teeth, and these are attached to a plastic plate that fits behind the teeth. This type of retainer is removable. The use of a retainer is something that can be more fully discussed and explained by Dr Gill when you visit Moonlight Dental Surgery to find out more about Six Month Smiles in Slough.

Whichever type of retainer you choose, you’ll receive full instructions on its use, as well as practical advice on how to look after it. It is important that you follow our directions closely as this will help make sure you retain your beautifully straight smile. The length of time required to wear the retainer will be reviewed at each visit to our surgery, and you’ll find the number of hours you need to keep it in position is gradually reduced.

Have You Had Orthodontic Treatment But Didn’t Wear Your Retainer?

If so you might well have seen your teeth move position, and are perhaps keen to find out how to get that attractive straighter smile once more. One possibility is to use Six Month Smiles, as this cosmetically oriented brace can be perfect for cases of orthodontic relapse and could improve the look of your teeth in no time at all. Contact us if you’d like to find out more details.

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