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  • Wentworth Avenue
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Will Orthodontics Form Part of Your Smile Makeover?

9th March 2015

More people are beginning to take an interest in the appearance of their teeth, and quite a few will plan to make significant improvements to their smile before special events. Very few are lucky enough to have perfectly aligned teeth, and even those who underwent orthodontic treatment as a child may have had what is called an orthodontic relapse, where previously straightened teeth have shifted position, either as a result of aging, or due to failure to wear a retainer for long enough after treatment has completed.

In any case, orthodontics can often be useful in helping to create a straighter and more pleasing smile. In spite of this, the question of using braces for a smile makeover might not have crossed everyone’s mind; this can be for several different reasons and these can include:

  • Orthodontics takes too long to complete. Many people think of orthodontics as taking a long time to complete, and imagine they will need to wear highly visible braces for many months or even a year or more during their quest for a nicer smile. In fact nowadays it is often possible to correct minor orthodontic problems within a few weeks or months, for example using the popular Six Month Smiles braces which are available in Slough.
  • Orthodontics is too expensive. It is true that certain orthodontic systems can be quite expensive, but others such as Six Months Smiles are surprisingly affordable. This is due to the fact that treatment is cosmetically oriented which can be perfect for smile makeovers, and can be completed in as little as six months. It is also worth taking a longer term view over treatment, as in comparison porcelain veneers which are sometimes used to straighten moderately rotated or crooked teeth will need replacing every so often and the cost of this can add up over your lifetime.
  • Treatment will be uncomfortable. This one is probably true, as a little bit of discomfort is to be expected. After all you are asking your teeth and tooth roots to move into new positions. However it’s worth bearing in mind that orthodontics can often be the most conservative way to get a more attractive smile. Unlike other cosmetic dental treatments, there’s no need to grind down healthy teeth in order to veneer or crown them. Instead cosmetic orthodontics helps preserve healthy teeth and can even enhance oral health.

Nowadays there is a lot that modern orthodontics can do to help improve the appearance of teeth, and it is very simple to find out more. Dr Jaswinder Gill offers patients free consultations to find out more about Six Month Smiles in Slough. Dr Gil is a clinical instructor for Six Month Smiles and is extremely experienced in prescribing this system for patients. When you visit, you’ll get the opportunity to view photos of actual clinical cases showing the results of tooth straightening, and you will be able to discuss how this innovative system could help you.

Six Month Smiles is what is called an invisible brace, which means it is very difficult for anyone to see it whenever you smile or talk. It is permanently fixed onto the teeth during treatment, so your brace will always be working to straighten your teeth, enabling you to see real results very quickly.

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