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  • Wentworth Avenue
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Yes, You Really Can Get a Straighter Smile in Just Six Months

2nd March 2015

If you have ever thought of having orthodontics, but didn’t want the hassle of wearing braces for many months or possibly even years, then there is a simpler solution. It is called Six Month Smiles, and is available in Slough. It does exactly what it says. Six Month Smiles can comfortably straighten teeth in as little as six months, and it is suitable for most adults requiring orthodontics, and who don’t need to make any major adjustments to the way their teeth bite together or are aligned.

Why Use Fixed Braces?

These braces are fixed, and that might make some people pause for a moment, as after all you can choose to get removable aligners so why opt for braces that are fixed onto your teeth? Even though removable aligners can be very good, using fixed braces can provide faster and more predictable results. This is because our dentist, Dr Jaswinder Gill, is able to position each bracket to accurately move teeth, and this level of precision cannot always be provided by removable aligners.

Will the Brackets be Visible?

No, as Six Month Smiles in Slough uses clear Lucid Lok® brackets that are specially designed to be nearly invisible. Instead of metal wires, the brackets are attached to tooth coloured wires that are barely noticeable. This provides patients with conservative and predictable final results. The brackets are easy to clean around, and are in place for such a short time that there should be no impact on oral health. In short, Six Month Smiles combines the best of both worlds, using fixed brackets to accurately move teeth, but with fittings that are virtually invisible.

Another thing to bear in mind about this treatment is that even though it uses the very latest orthodontic technology, treatment can be less expensive than choosing removable aligners or traditional braces. It is also less expensive than veneers, particularly when you bear in mind that veneers do not last forever, and need replacing every ten years or so.

What Type of Problems Can Be Treated With Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles focuses on correcting problems that are mainly cosmetic. It could be right for you if some of your teeth are crooked or twisted, or stick out a bit too far. If you have major problems with the way your teeth meet together, or if your teeth are significantly out of position then you might need a different orthodontic brace.

How Can I Tell If Six Month Smiles Will Work for Me?

The easiest way is to book your free consultation at the Moonlight Dental Surgery. Dr Gill can examine your mouth, and might take photos and x-rays to see if Six Month Smiles will provide the results you desire. He will only recommend treatment if he knows it will work well for you, and the good news is that it is suitable for most people. If you decide to go ahead, you will be in good hands as Dr Gill is a clinical instructor for Six Month Smiles.

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